Technics SL-1200 MK2, SL-1210 MK2 and SL-120 MK2 Turntables

S you. The Technics SL was one of the longest-running turntables in history, its original incarnation dating back to no less. It is manually assembled by artisans and adjusted by technicians, says Technics. Crucially, while the SLG trendy nightclubs and village discos alike. However, the rather hard-to-reach Officer, and also because the tooling for of the weight difference between the two armlead is detachable so aftermarket the deck had worn out. The lower versions can be fitted. Effective length of Recently though, nearly a decade later, section is a form of silicon rubber, rather the tonearm is quoted as mm, with a the company resurrected the line. The first prosaically called Bulk Mould Compound, 15mm overhang. The standard SME-style the company throwing everything at the albeit with their damping rate adjusted headshell weighs 7.

Technics launches Grand Class SL-1200GR Turntable

Please take note re:shipping and potential delays. Please be patient with your purchases. I am not a reseller so everything offered on my Ebay site are my personal possessions from my studio and shop.. All either in use or carefully stored in a smoke free controlled environment. NOTE: I am 84 and wheelchair bound so I depend on others on occasion to complete tasks so please be patient and everything will turn out OK..

The announcement of the latest Technics’ lineage, the MK7 marks the 40th anniversary of the legendary MK2’s release, which revolutionised DJ.

Discussion in ‘ Turntables ‘ started by lilwing , Jul 21, Log in or Sign up. Just picked up this MK 1 and wondered if any of you people can tell the date of mfg. This is the sticker on the bottom of the tt. Messages: 6, KAB might know. Messages: 1, Location: Boston, MA. SL serial numbers are in two different formats, depending on the date of manufacture. It isn’t exactly possible to determine the decade in which the SL in question was manufactured, as the serial number contains only the last digit of the year.

If the year digit is 8, the turntable may have been manufactured in , , or If the year digit is 0, the turntable may have been manufactured in , or

The Best Turntable of All Time Is Back

Please refresh the page and retry. T he vinyl revival shows no sign of abating. While there’s no single explanation as to why these retro plastic discs are back in vogue , many listeners cite having a tangible, physical object in a soulless, digital age.

A review of the Technics SL-JR programmable linear tracking turntable. Technics offered many similar turntables, dating back to the beginning I use a Technics personally which has never given me any trouble.

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Vintage Technics

My gut feeling is mid eighties as it has quite stubby RCA plugs a bit like early Linn arms where as later ones have a more conventional plug. The Hadcock GH has been made since the ’70s but with a number of changes along the way. IIRC the black wand indicates it may be an earlier model and with an aluminium tube rather than the later stainless steel. These worked better with higher compliance MM carts. Photos should help. I can vaguely remember the Hadcock unipivit arm, but never actually tried one out.

carefully. SLMK5: Silver model. SLMK5: Black model. Table of contents. Supplied DATE OF PURCHASE. DEALER NAME. DEALER ADDRESS.

The serial number is generally found on a gray label located either on the back of the deck, or on the bottom. These serial numbers contain no indication of the month of manufacture. It should be noted that serial numbers in this format contain no letters following digits. New-format serial number: GE4FB SLMK2 manufactured June or The first digit shows the year when the turntable was manufactured, while the month of manufacture is indicated by the letter following it.

This was deviated in the last year of production where September production used the letter S for some reason instead of I. The way to tell if it was made in the 90’s or the ‘s is to make 2 additional inspections: 1. Check the 3 screws that hold the motor stator, in the 90’s these were fine pitch threads, later they were changed to hi speed self tapping threads. Remove the platter and check for a cutout in the chassi in the to o’clock positions. This cutout also appeared in later models. In the interconnect cable was changed to a high capacitance cable which can be identified by the end connector.

There are also at least two other serial number formats that were used by Technics on early SLMK2 models. The old hinge had a receptacle on the back which received the hinge with a thin wide slot.

Technics SL-1200/SL-1210 MK7 price and release date confirmed

Revision 2. Treat this FAQ as being purely anecdotal – I won’t guarantee accuracy. If you go ahead though, be sure you have a solid idea of what you are about to do and observe all electrical precautions where pertinent. You should have some electronics experience if you open up your deck. Initially this was going to be only a tweaker FAQ but there isn’t that much more general stuff so I put it in anyways. I haven’t looked at SLMk3 turntables which are supposed to have improved electronics over a standard Mk2.

How to determine the age of your #technics #sl #FYI It is possible to tell the the scale:) CREDIT TO Richies Technics / Servicing Mehr ansehen SL serial numbers are in two different formats, depending on the date of.

At first, I only had one [laughs]. In this video you can see that they have a turntable more. In an Instagram post from Mat Zo “Just had atrak cutting and scratching in my studio. Got 2 s For mobile gigs, sometimes I will connect these to my home set and use all 4 technics for live mash ups. As an old-school dj with thousands of vinyl records crowding the shelves, it would be weird not to own a set of Technics s. This is still the gold standard of dj turntables.

Built for the long haul. Great for scratching, sampling. Solid and reliable, I have been using them for over 20 years and counting. I tested many other turntables but the technics mk2s suffer no rivals. I managed to grab a pair of these right around the time they were discontinued although I heard there is a petition to bring them back that Panasonic is actually paying attention to I learned how to DJ on a set that a friend had, so it is really cool to be able to have some in-home to practice on instead of having to use a controller of some kind.

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Considered by many to be the best ever, the Technics SL and its dark side variant the SL have garnered a legendary reputation in DJ circles and beyond. So if you want an industry standard DJ deck at an affordable price point, the best option probably remains going used. Buying a turntable used always carries risks particularly if you shop online but our step-by-step guide to buying a Technics SL second hand tells you what to look out for and why. The SL was built to be a work-horse for DJs.

It was not made to be the best sounding turntable that Technics could build; the SP probably deserves that crown.

I already have a minty SLmk2 dating from but I would love to jump on this one to keep as a back up. I’m about to pick it up this.

Thus one finds among other things, a phone module, a dual tuner, on integrated navigation system and voice-control in the radio. Delivery: Radio, GPS antenna, manual. The memory card with mapsThe VB of the radios is as indicated above Please review our returns policy for more details below : ————————————————————————— Return Policy: 1. Please notify us within 14 days according to the posting date. Please complete the RMA form for any return items.

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Technics SL 1200 serial # = date ??

How to determine the age of your technics sl FYI. It is possible to tell the year and the month when the SL was manufactured from the serial number on the back or bottom of the turntable. SL serial numbers are in two different formats, depending on the date of manufacture. It isn’t exactly possible to determine the decade in which the SL in question was manufactured, as the serial number contains only the last digit of the year.

If the year digit is 8, the turntable may have been manufactured in , , or

Selling 2 turntables in good condition, very solid equipment, I used to mix on them, they have been well looked after, they need a new owner.

Review: Pioneer PLX vs. Sure we can all go on about the good old days of vinyl but realistically most have probably written that off as a bygone era. Not Pioneer DJ though. As announced two weeks ago this Pioneer PLX review is a reality because Pioneer DJ have taken the bold move of releasing a professional direct drive analog turntable that looks remarkably like the iconic Technics SL Now before I get into all the technical jargon on what the Pioneer PLX has to offer and its features list etc let me rather get to the bit you really want to know about.

The images do not lie. It looks remarkably like the SL — same finish, similar colour and most importantly it is also built like a tank. Simply put this is an SL in almost every way except for the name and 1 or 2 small variations. The torque on the platter was subtly different — the PLX being just a tad tighter but then again it was pitted against an over 10 year model. Vinyl rocks! It is really just that simple. There is something magical that happens when you segue two records together seamlessly that somehow has a beauty not quite achievable on the digital platform.

With over 20 years experience in all aspects of the music biz, he continues the legacy online with the dynamic IDM Mag. First Impressions: The images do not lie.

technics to stop producing the 1210s?

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The SLMK7 will retail through DJ specialists Store DJ. Store DJ’s marketing manager Luke Bowditch said the company was proud to.

As part of the package, you got a Technics P moving magnet cartridge. The T4P system was a standard devised by Technics and offered on their turntables for many years as a way to offer user-replaceable cartridges without the hassle of cartridge alignment. Tracking force and anti-skate are preset, usually at 1. Many other brands offered this system on their turntables — and today, though there are no P-Mount turntables on the market, cartridges are readily available from various manufacturers such as Audio-Technica and Ortofon.

The JR also benefits from their legendary Quartz direct drive system, and a brushless DC motor featuring a magnet that is directly affixed to the platter. Making the platter itself a part of the motor allows the motor to spin at real-time speed The Jr is a linear tracking turntable — meaning that the arm, and hence the cartridge and stylus, travels in a straight line across the surface of the record.

This results in greater tracking accuracy, and less inner groove distortion — a problem that is inherent with pivotal tonearms as their cartridges must be aligned so that a compromise is met between the inner and outer grooves of the record.

Age of technics 1200’s

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The Technics SP Direct Drive turntable was manufactured by Matshushita from The date of manufacture of this SP MkII example was 25 March (label on TECHNICS SL/ – a hi-fi turntable?

Order by:. Available to:. They were completely stripped down and sent in to a professional powder Powder Coating is a heavy duty pain job and will last for a very long time. It’s better than spray paint even better than car paint. They have been tuned-up. Calibrated, and cleaned. You can see in the pics. They have been internally grounded, and have brand new white rca cables installed. These rca cables are Professional grade with 24kt gold connectors. They have a White power cord installed brand new to match the White rca’s.

The tone arm bases have been painted white as well. These Technics also come with original 45 RPM adapters. I spent a lot of time paying attention to detail.

Technics SL-1200 & SL-1210

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