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Go Home. Powered By Google. Homer: Certainly, Lenford. Make every day a celebration of your love. Surprise her with a pasta-salad. Put a mini beret on your wang. Lenny: Oh, this stuff is gold. Carl: Happy marriage, here I come. I got four hundred “no’s” frying2.

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“Regarding Margie” is the twentieth episode of The Simpsons’ seventeenth season. It originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on May 7, ​. In this episode, Marge gets amnesia and fails to remember Homer. Patty and Selma take Marge to a speed dating event, and she meets a man who shares her​.

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100 of Homer Simpson’s most stupidly, hilarious quotes

The good-looking bachelor is a man who Marge met through speed dating while she had amnesia. He was dragged to speed dating by his older twin brothers, who used to be quintuplets but three of them drowned. He admitted to Marge that he felt stupid speed dating. He and Marge then go off to get coffee. He and Marge later were drinking wine by the beach where Marge fell for him even more.

He thought that the best things to do for the world are to be clean and polite.

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As I entered the large room crowded with books and eligible singles, I briefly considered inventing a completely new personality for myself. I was wondering if adopting a vague accent and introducing myself not as Frank, but as Franz, the playboy son of a foreign diplomat, would be an effective cover story to feed unsuspecting journalistic subjects. That was my reasoning at least. For practice, I muttered some words in German under my breath —.

The truth might be that I was nervous. Talking to girls is really hard. And girls, man, the place was lousy with them! All types of girls – young, old, curvaceous, willowy, bespectacled, un-bespectacled is that a word? I was an English major! We need you! This made me feel important. I felt like Kanye West. We smiled at each other. Bratwurst, I thought, and promptly drank both glasses.

376. Regarding Margie

The clearing of the leaves at the start of act three signifies to the audience that the play is about to change. The production opened last Friday, Feb. As audience members seat themselves, they notice that the curtains are open, revealing the cast members silently acting around a staged campfire. Since act one begins in the middle of this long, fireside conversation in the woods, the open curtain helped make this beginning feel less theatrical and more natural.

In the season one finale, Homer is treating Marge to an extravagant with Marge​, convinced her to go to a “speed dating” where she meets a.

May 12, Marks the 62nd birthday of four-fingered, donut-loving, beer-drinking, Springfield resident, Homer Simpson believe it or not. Since first appearing on the small screen in , the dull-witted antics of the family man have entertained millions of viewers the world over. Release the dogs? Or the bees? Or the dogs with bees in their mouths and when they bark, they shoot bees at you? Don’t forget — we invented computers, leg warmers, bendy straws, peel-and-eat shrimp, the glory hole, and the pudding cup.

What was his name?

Heartwarming ‘Simpsons’ moments show the deeper side to Springfield (30 Photos)

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I Wanna Marry ‘Harry”s Leah Thom: It Was Like ‘Speed Dating of the Marge Simpson Responds to Trump Adviser’s Kamala Harris Dig: I Feel.

I will not leak the plot of the movie. Synopsis: Marge develops amnesia. While she remembers her children pretty much straight away, she has no idea who Homer is so Homer tries to jog her memory and win her affection. This could have easily been the same premise, but the writers had given up doing clip shows several seasons ago. In reality, this is extremely rare but hey, never let facts get in the way of a good story!

Then we get to her amnesia. Either plot would work in a 20 minute episode, but not both. I get it- change what you need to in order to suit the circumstances but really, it just complicates the issue. Search: Go! Create a free website or blog at WordPress. About Me. I watch, and blog, and watch and blog and watch.

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Moe: This will really help with my speed dating! I got four hundred “no’s” frying2.​mp3. Marge: I finally have a peaceful place to sit and hear my own thoughts.

God and his son Jesus are the only characters on The Simpsons to have a full set of five digits. They also have five toes on each foot. Everyone else in the Simpsons universe has three fingers and a thumb on each hand, and four toes on each foot. Simpsons creator Matt Groening made the characters yellow to grab the attention of channel surfers. Groening also designed the Simpson family to be immediately identifiable in silhouette – hence their distinctive hairstyles and head-shapes.

The Simpsons: 40 best quotations. The Simpsons parody Frozen. Are we ready for half a century of The Simpsons? Lisa Simpson: Why every woman should love her. Hence the network HQ being a few well-dressed people in a trailer on a hill, Krusty saying, “You’re Fox! You’re known for taking chances on crap!

The Simpsons – Marge is a witch Part 2 of 2

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